International Collaborations

The Institute participates in many international projects almost in all fields of its research program and collaborates with a lot of nuclear physics centers of the world.

The Institute is involved in many joint experiments. Among them are SAGE (gallium-germanium experiment) on GGNT, BNO carried out in collaboration with Los-Alamos National Laboratory and Pennsylvania University (USA), and IGEX(a search for double beta decay in a BNO low-background laboratory performed together with the scientists from the USA and Spain. High-energy physics laboratory DESY(Germany) takes part in the experiment on deep water neutrino detection on the INR Baikal neutrino telescope. The Institute is also in close collaboration with National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), National Research Council (CNR) and Academy dei Lincei(Italy) conducting the joint Russian-Italian project LVD. INFN in its turn participates in the CLAMSUD experiment at the INR Moscow Meson Factory. INR takes part in some international experiments: MEGA(Los-Alamos, USA), E-865 (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA), E-497 (TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada), E-246 (KEK, Japan), NOMAD and NA-50 (CERN,Switzerland) as well as in the development of new scientific projects CMS, ALICE and LHC-B for Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN which is now under construction, NESTOR and SADKO (Greece).

Besides the Institute collaborates in the field of particle and nuclear physics and accelerator physics and technology with many research centers of the world: CERN, LANL, BNL, FNAL, KEK, DESY, etc.

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