ZATSEPIN Gueorgui Timopheevich

Born 28 May 1917, Moscow, Russia

My father Zatsepin Timophey Sergeevich (1886-1959) was surgeon, my mother Zatsepina (Roudneva) Olga Sergeevna (1891-1946) - also a medical doctor.

Graduated with distinction from the physics faculty of Moscow State University in 1941.

1941-1943 worked at Aircraft Plant.

Yanuary 1944 entered to the postgraduate study to Lebedev Physical Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR in Moscow to Professor D.V.Skobel"zin.

During 1945-1948 I participated to Pamir expeditions and have studied Extensive Atmospheric Showers and have established the Nuclear Cascade Processes.

1950 defended candidates (Ph.D.) dissertation and Doctors of Sc. in 1954.

1951 I was appointed as a senior scientist in Lebedev Institute.

1958 - received a Professor Attestat.

1968 - was elected as a corresponding member and in

1981 as a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

1949-1950 I thoroughly studied the special theory of relativity and have shown that high energy nuclei interact with photons (1950) which brought after the discovery of 3 K relic radiation to the GZK effect (1966). After pioneering study of Cerenkov radiation of EAS by A.E.Chudakov I proposed to detect high energy gamma-rays by the Cerenkov light (1962) (together with Chudakov).

1958 I began to be interested to the high energy neutrinos as well as solar neutrinos stimulated by Prof. M.Markov. 1963 after long way of propaganda I organized with Prof. A.Chudakov the Neutrino Lab. in Lebedev Phys.Institute and was appointed as its head. This period I was much interested in the background problems and have found that nuclear cascades caused by high energy muons are the main threat to neutrino detection, so for the experiments with solar neutrinos we need deep mines. 1967 the funds for the construction of the underground neutrino Lab. were received and with the help of A.Pomansky and Prof.A.Chudakov we began to organize the construction of Baksan Neutrino Observatory, where the experiments began to be performed 1978.

1971 our Neutrino Lab.was shifted to the new organized "Institute for Nuclear Research" of Academy of Sciences USSR, and the Neutrino Lab.was transformed into "High energy leptons and Neutrino Astrophysics" Division. I was appointed as a head of this Division. My main aim was to study all the energy spectrum of solar neutrinos. But because of lack of funds only the 71 Ga - 71 Ge telescope was really constructed (together with Dr.V.Gavrin). It was put into operation 1990 and showed remarcable results that the flux of low energy neutrinos is also lower than predicted by a factor of about two, what can not be explained by astrophysics. Besides the activities at Baksan I also took part in the construction of others underground installations: at Artyomovsk Salt Mines in Ukraine , under Mont Blanc, in Gran Sasso Lab. in Italy together with Prof.O.Ryazhskaja.

All the years of my work in the Institutes of Ac.Sci., I was a part time Professor of Moscow State University and I was elected 1993 as a member of International Ac. of Pedagogical Sciences.

I was several times awarded by Soviet Union Orders and in 1997 was awarded by the Order "For Services for Fatherland" (Russia) I got prizes : 1951 - Stalin Prize of I Degree, 1982 - Lenin Prize, 1998 - State Prize (Russia), 1999 - medal of O"Cealaigh, 2001 - Pontecorvo medal, 2002 - Lomonosov medal and prize of MSU, 2002 Acad.M.A.Markov medal of the Inst.of Nucl.Research of RAS, 2004 Ac.D.V.Skobel"zin medal of RAS

- - -