Supplementary information on "Optimal confidence intervals for bounded parameters (a correct alternative to the recipe of Feldman and Cousins)" by Fyodor V. Tkachov,

An update has just been posted with a minor correction in Fig. 1 and a note added on the connection of the proposed estimation method with the so-called sensitivity limit (see Kraus et al.,
The update is occasioned by a forthcoming publication of the Troitsk-nu-mass experiment where the method is officially used to report the final results.
I do not hesitate to state that the method should be a PDG recommendation.

Just in case: this paper was never intended to encourage the ignominious practices of anonymous refereeing. See journal policies.

Anyhow, the argument -- while not being exactly obvious -- is so simple technically -- it can be carried out mostly in a graphical fashion -- that any student of physics with a proper university training and a good grasp of the elements of mathematical statistics including Neyman's construction of confidence intervals, should not have difficulties following and verifying the argument within a half hour or so. In fact, some of my younger colleagues would not need any argument at all after seeing the key definition of the estimator that takes into account the a priori information:

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