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1100, Friday,    June 7 ,  2019

Kolonnyi Hall of Lebedev Physical Institute
1171st G.T.Zatsepin seminar 
«Neutrino and Nuclear Astrophysics»

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                     «10th George Zatsepin readings»

11.00   À.V.Yudin (ITEP) «Neutron star fusion and gamma-ray bursts: an abrading model»

11.40   Ê.V.Manukovsky (ITEP) «SN1987A neutrino signal. Simulation of LSD response»

12.05   N.Yu.Agafonova (for LVD Collaboration) «Seasonal variations of horizontal muons measured with LVD»

12.25   S.A.Gorbunov (for NEWSdm Collaboration) «New experiment for direct search for WIMP (NEWSdm)»

12.45   A.S.Lidvansky (INR RAS) «Who discovered the cosmic rays?»

                                                Coffee break

14.00   Yu.V.Stenkin (INR RAS) «Start of the LHAASO experiment»

14.30   Î.B.Shchegolev (INR RAS) «Cosmic-ray spectrum in above-the-knee energy range measured with PRISMA-32 and PRISMA-YBJ arrays»

15.00   G.Ya.Novikova (INR RAS) «Creation of Gd and Nd-containing liquid organic scintillators»

15.20   Yu.S.Kopysov (INR RAS) «Nuclear-molecular activated complexes and quantum strings as the basis of a new paradigm in the theory of the structure and evolution of the Sun and stars of the lower part of the Main sequence»

15.35   S.V.Luchuk (INR RAS) «Quasi-elastic interactions with a charged current of muon neutrinos in the NOvA experiment»

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