EMIN-2009/first circular

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EMIN - 2009
XII International Seminar on Electromagnetic Interactions of Nuclei
  • Giant resonances and nuclear interactions
  • Nucleons and few-body systems
  • Meson photoproduction on free and bound nucleons
  • Coulomb dissociation
  • Electron scattering
  • Astrophysics implications
  • New developments and perspectives
17-20 September, 2009
Institute for Nuclear Research RAS,
Avenue 60-letiya Oktyabrya 7a,
117312 Moscow, Russia
Organizing Assistance:
Russian Academy of Science,
Ministry of Education and Science,
Russian Foundation for Basic Research.
V.A.Matveev Institute for Nuclear Research RAS
V.A.Sadovnichy Lomonosov Moscow State University
Advisory Committee:
V.Burkert JLAB, Virginia
J-P.Didelez IPN, Orsay
M.Fujiwara RCNP, Osaka
S.B.Gerasimov JINR, Dubna
S.P.Kamerdzhiev FEI, Obninsk
A.I.Lebedev LPI, Moscow
A.I.L'vov LPI, Moscow
V.G.Neudatchin SINP MSU, Moscow
L.A.Kondratyuk ITEP, Moscow
A.B.Kurepin INR, Moscow
P.Rossi LNF, Frascati
A.Sandorfi JLAB
C.Schaerf University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
H.Schmieden Bonn University
B.Schröder MAX-lab, Lund
A.Thomas KPH, Mainz
D.K.Toporkov BINP, Novosibirsk
V.I.Trukhin MSU, Moscow
M.Vanderhaeghen KPH, Mainz
V.V.Voronov JINR, Dubna
Organizing Committee:
V.G.Nedorezov, vice-chairman INR RAS, Moscow
B.S.Ishkhanov, vice-chairman SINP MSU, Moscow
A.L.Polonski, secretary INR RAS, Moscow
V.Yu.Grishina INR RAS, Moscow
G.M.Gurevich INR RAS, Moscow
L.A.Malov JINR, Dubna
G.V.Solodukhov INR RAS, Moscow
B.A.Tulupov INR RAS, Moscow
M.H.Urin MEPhI, Moscow
V.V.Varlamov SINP MSU, Moscow
You are invited to fill the application form on the web-site http://www.inr.ac.ru/~pnlab/emin2009 .
There will be plenary sessions for invited talks (25 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion) and poster sessions.
Speakers and titles of invited talks will be announced in the next bulletin on the Seminar web-site.
Contributions and Proceedings:
Persons interested in contributing to the Seminar are invited to submit a one-page abstract of their contribution before May 15, 2009. Abstracts received as electronic files (LaTeX, PostScript etc.) will be made available for reading on the Seminar website.
Abstracts will be not printed on the paper, so their presentation has no limits and can be done in a free style.
The Seminar Proceedings will be published after the Seminar. It will contain the papers presented at Sessions. Instructions for the format of contributed papers will be presented on the Seminar web-site later.
Participants will be housed in the Moscow hotels (The price of the single room is approx. 100 EURO) and in the Moscow State University guest house (40 Euro). The registration fee (400 EURO) will cover an invitation and visa, transfers from airport and back, and within Moscow, MSU guest house, conference reception and conference dinner, 3 lunches, social program, Proceedings. This fee should be paid at the secretary of the Conference by cash. Financial support for young participants and others scientists is available personally on your request to Organizing committee. (For Russian participants the fee can be varied in accordance with the requested service). All sessions will be open for visitors; coffee breaks are free of charge.