Asymmetry of the (g,n)-reaction

in the energy range of the isovector giant quadrupole resonance


 M.L.Gorelik1), B.A.Tulupov2) and M.H.Urin1)


1) Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, (TechnicalUniversity), 115409 Moscow, Russia

2) Institute for Nuclear Research, RAS, 117312 Moscow, Russia

In the framework of a semimicroscopical approach based on the continuumrandom phase approximation the asymmetry of  the (g, n) reaction is investigated in the energy region of the isovector electric quadrupole resonance. The calculations are performed for 208 Pb isotope. The obtained results agree satisractorily with available experimental dataand show the possibility of observation and study of the isovector electricquadrupole giant resonance with the help of similar reactions.