The 2nd International Workshop on


 INR, Moscow

April 14-16, 2005

(just before the Baksan School on Particles and Cosmology)


  Preliminary program (pdf)

Long seminars and informal discussions will cover the most recent experimental data on the cosmic rays with energies higher than 1019 eV and their theoretical implications.

The topics will include:
The program and presentations from the 1st Workshop (2004) may be found on its web site.

Expected: about 40
participants (20 speakers) - both experimentalists from AGASA, Yakutsk, HiRes, Pierre Auger and theoretical astroparticle physicists.

There is no registration fee.

  Dr. Sergey Troitsky,, tel. +7 095 1352169, fax +7 095 1352268

Thursday April 14.
10:30. Opening.
10:40. M. Teshima (MPI, Munchen).
Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and EUSO. (60+15)
11:55. Coffee.
12:15. B.A. Khrenov (NPI MSU, Moscow).
The space TUS and KLYPVE detectors for study of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. (60+15)
13:30. D.S. Gorbunov (INR, Moscow).
Traces of UHE particles in the lunar crust. (25+5)
14:00. Lunch.
15:00. K. Shinozaki (MPI, Munchen).
Results from experiments in Akeno. (60+15)
16:15. Coffee.
16.35. M.I. Pravdin (IKFIA, Yakutsk).
Yakutsk results: spectrum and anisotropy. (60+15)
17:50. A.A. Petrukhin (MEPhI, Moscow).
Ultra high energy cosmic rays – a new approach. (25+5)
Evening: Free discussion;
INTAS project 03-51-5112 coordination meeting.

Friday April 15.
10:00. K. Belov (U. of Utah, Salt Lake City).
Utah Desert molecular atmosphere. (25+5)
10:30. K. Belov (U. of Utah, Salt Lake City).
HiRes anisotropy studies. (40+10)
11:20. Coffee.
11:40. D.S. Gorbunov (INR, Moscow).
Neutral UHE particles from BL Lacs: tests and implications. (60+15)
12:55. S.V. Troitsky (INR, Moscow).
A cluster of the AGASA, Yakutsk and HiRes events. (25+5)
13:25. Lunch.
14:30. A. Uryson (LPI, Moscow).
Possible origin of clusters in ultra high energy cosmic rays. (25+5)
15:00. M. Kachelriess (MPI, Munchen).
UHECRs and deflections in the Galactic magnetic field. (45+15)
16:00. Coffee.
16:20. L.G. Dedenko (MSU, Moscow).
Preliminary results of air-shower simulations with a hybrid method. (60+15)
17:35. G.I. Rubtsov (INR, Moscow).
Some systematic effects in the energy reconstruction by ground arrays: small-scale shower fluctuations
and possible photonic primaries
. (45+15)
Evening: Discussion on relative systematics in energy determination by ground arrays and fluorescent

Saturday April 16.
10:00. P. Spillantini (INFN, Florence).
From EUSO to EUNO. (45+15)
11:00. Zh. Dzhilkibaev (INR, Moscow).
Searches for high-energy cosmic neutrinos with the Baikal neutrino telescope. (45+15)
12:00. S.V. Troitsky (INR, Moscow).
The Sun as an UHE neutrino telescope. (25+5)
12:30. Coffee.
12:50. H. Tu (U. of Southern Denmark, Odense).
Strongly-interacting neutrinos as post-GZK events at AGASA? (30+10)
13:30. M. Zotov (NPI MSU, Moscow).
Possible common sources of PeV and EeV cosmic rays. (25+5)
14:00. S.L. Dubovsky (INR and CERN).
Lorentz invariance violation. (30+10)
14:40. V.A. Kuzmin (INR, Moscow).
Concluding remarks. (15+10)
15:30. Celebration of V.A. Kuzmin’s birthday.