Baksan Neutrino Observatory

The INR Baksan neutrino observatory situated in Prielbrusye(the Caucasus) is a complex of unique scientific facilities comprising Gallium-Germanium Neutrino Telescope, Lithium-Beryllium and Chlorine-Argon Neutrino Telescopes (under construction), Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope, ground installations KOVYOR and ANDYRCHI and a complex of underground low-background laboratories.

The construction of these setups made it possible:

  • to start direct studies of the internal structure and evolution of the Sun, stars, Galaxy nucleus and other objects of the Universe by detection of they neutrino radiation;
  • to search for a neutrino burst at the gravitational collapse of the stars as well as to search for new particles and super-rare processes predicted by up-to-date elementary particle theories at a sensitivity level inaccessible to other methods;
  • to research neutrino and muon interactions with matter in the region of high and super-high energies.

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    Fedor Bezrukov

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