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The programming language Oberon was named after Oberon, a moon of Uranus.

Oberon Day @ CERN

Efficient Programming for Sciences and Engineering
in the 21st Century

10 March 2004, CERN Main Auditorium
Last update 2007-02-09

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We congratulate Professor Niklaus Wirth with his 70th birthday and the 20th anniversary of the Turing Award!

Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for a very successful Oberon Day!


Photos   BlackBox intro for physicists (zip, ~2MB)

The Oberon technologies (the family of programming languages and the paradigm of component-oriented programming) are emerging as a powerful complement and superior alternative to the conventional software tools.

The workshop explores the unique blend of simplicity, reliability and efficiency that Oberon brings to the following areas:

The workshop explores Oberon as a modern alternative to Fortran and C++.

Local support: CERN Theory Division  Thanks to the CERN theorists for their support!
Local assistance: Suzy Vascotto  Thanks to Suzy for all her magic!
Coordinator: Fyodor Tkachov

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