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The Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1970 for further development of the experimental base and research activities in the field of atomic, nuclear, elementary particle and cosmic ray physics and neutrino astrophysics. For these purposes a meson facility on the basis of a high-intensity linear proton and H-accelerator for 600 MeV at the average current of 0.5-1.0 mA was built at the Academy of Sciences Research Center (the town Troitsk of the Moscow region) and a complex of underground low-background laboratories equipped with neutrino telescopes was set up in Prielbrusye (the Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Republic in the Caucasus). Since 1980 studies on deep-water muon and neutrino detection have been developed.

Nowadays the Institute is one of the leading nuclear physics centers. In 1994 INR RAS was given the status of State Research Center. Among the staff members of the Institute there are 4 academicians, 2 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 37 doctors and 152 candidates of science.

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    Moscow 117312, Russia
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