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Oberon Day @ CERN, 10 March 2004

Additional stuff is likely to be added to this page. Please consider coming again at a later time.
Special thanks to Bernhard Treutwein for help with conversion of presentation files.
Special thanks to G.Rubtsov for digitizing the audio recording of N.Wirth's lecture


Morning session (10:00-12:10)


J. Gutknecht (ETH/CS, research, personal)
Oberon: The Power of Purity 
RealPlayer video   pdf
        Introductory lecture: overview of Oberon; design principles; the object model

C. Pfister (Oberon microsystems)
BlackBox: An Industrial-Strength Oberon Implementation  pdf
    NEWBlackBox is currently available as open source.

S. Metzeler (Amadeus Software, personal)
Ten Years of Professional Development with Oberon-2  web page

L. Nerima (U. of Geneva/CUI, personal) and E. Wehrli (U. of Geneva/LATL, personal)
Oberon for Natural Language Processing  pdf

Afternoon session (14:00-16:00)

N. Wirth (ETH/CS, research, personal, Turing Award Citation 1984)
Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler: The Programming Language Oberon  pdf  html  audioNEW  DVD STOLEN!  photos
        1. Historical perspective
        2. The benefits of simplicity, and the curse of complexity
        3. Oberon for embedded systems

R. Brega (LogObject, XO/2, personal)
Reliability in Real-Time: Why strong-typed programming languages matter 
        Oberon in industrial RT applications. A numerical case study of two embedded control systems

W. Skulski (U. of Rochester, personal)
Experiment control and data acquisition using BlackBox Component Builder 

R.D. Campbell (BAE Systems)
Industrial experience with an engineering perspective  pdf

F.V. Tkachov (INR RAS, personal)
Oberon: new dimensions for design of algorithms for scientific applications  pdf  html
Numerical computations with dynamic data structures; symbolical calculations with number crunching.
        Benchmark: Component Pascal vs C++ in a real-world physics problem

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