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August 31, 2009
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Registered participants:
Afanas'eva N.V. KNU, Almaty Poster report:
Folding Potentials in 6He+p and 6Li+n channels with A=6 clusters in ground and excited states.

Belousov A.S. LPI, Moscow

Briscoe W.J. GWU, Washington The Hall B Experimental Program at Jefferson Lab.

Poster report:
The Experimental Nuclear Physics Program at MAX-lab.

Burkova N.A. KNU, Almaty Burkova N.A., Lennik S.G..
Mesonic and Nucleonic Degrees of Freedom in the (γ,NN) Processes on 6Li and 6He.

Dolbilkin B. INR, Moscow Giant Resonances on Excited States of Nuclei.

Downie E. KPH, Mainz Recent Results from the Crystal Ball Experiment at MAMI.

Dzhilavyan L.Z. INR, Moscow L.Z.Dzhilavyan, A.I.Karev, V.D.Laptev, V.G.Raevsky.
Production of Short-Lived Isotopes 12N and 12B in 14N(γ,2n), 14N(γ,2p), and 13C(γ,p) Reactions.

Dzhioev A. BLTP JINR, Dubna Thermal effects on neutral-current inelastic neutrino scattering cross section.

Fedorov D.K. SINP MSU, Moscow

Fedotov G. SINP MSU, Moscow

Fil'kov L.V. LPI, Moscow

Fujiwara M. Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University Photoreactions with Polarized HD target at SPring-8.

Gerasimov S.B. JINR, Dubna On the evidence for exotic dibaryon d*l(~1956) in selected two-nucleon-two-photon reactions.

Girod-Gard F.-X. JLAB Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Meson Production with CLAS.

Glavanakov I.V. NPI, Tomsk Poster report:
Photoexcitation of quasibound isobar-nuclear state in (γ,π N) reaction.

Goncharova N. G. SINP MSU, Moscow N.G. Goncharova, N.E. Mashutikov.
Isovector Excitations of sd-Shell Nuclei in the Particle-core Coupling Version of Shell Model.

Gothe Ralf G. University of South Carolina Nucleon Transition Form Factors at JLab: Recent Results and Perspectives.

Grishina V.Yu. INR, Moscow Interactions of Low-Energy Kaons with Lightests Nuclei.

Gurevich G. INR, Moscow New frozen-spin target for experiments at MAMI C.

Isaksson L. MAX-lab, Lund Compton scattering at MAX-lab.

Poster report:
The Tagged Photon Facility at MAX-lab.

Ishkhanov B.S. SINP MSU, Moscow

Isupov E. SINP MSU, Moscow Nucleon Resonance Studies in π+ π- Electroproduction off Protons at High Photon Virtualities.

Ignatov A.S. INR, Moscow Poster report:
Inelastic interaction of eta-mesons with light nuclei.

Kabytayev Ch. KNU, Almaty Poster report:
Photoproton reaction on 9Be near threshold.

Kamerdzhiev S. IPPE, Obninsk S.Kamerdzhiev, D.Voitenkov.
On Microscopic Description of the Gamma-Ray Strength Functions.

Konobeevski E. INR, Moscow Investigation of Neutron-Neutron Final State Interaction in nd-Breakup Reaction.

Krechetov Yu.F. NPI, Tomsk Poster report:
I.V.Glavanakov, P.Grabmayr, Yu.F.Krechetov, A.N. Tabachenko.
Search for the Delta-isobar component in 12C and 16O ground state.

Krewald S. INP, Jülich Low-density Nuclear Matter in Effective Field Theory.

Kurepin A. INR, Moscow

Levchuk M.I. Institute of Physics, Minsk Poster report:
The reaction D(γ,π0n)p at threshold energies.

Lvov A.I. LPI, Moscow Search for eta-mesic nuclei.

Lyutorovich N.A. St.Petersburg State University

Makarenko I.V. SINP MSU, Moscow 1) A.N.Ermakov, B.S.Ishkhanov, I.M.Kapitonov, I.V.Makarenko, V.N.Orlin
Photonuclear reactions in titanium isotopes at photon energy up to 70 MeV.

2) N.Ermakov, B.S.Ishkhanov, I.M.Kapitonov, I.V.Makarenko, V.N.Orlin
Multi-particle photodisintegration of heavy nuclei.

Malakhov A. JINR, Dubna

Malov L.A. JINR, Dubna

Mashutikov N.E. SINP MSU, Moscow

Mushkarenkov A. INR, Moscow Poster report:
Photoproduction of π0π+ on the deutron at Eγ = 0.7-1.5 GeV.

Nedorezov V.G. INR, Moscow

Neudatchin V.G. SINP MSU, Moscow

Osipenko M. SINP MSU, Moscow Poster report:
Semi-inclusive pion electroproduction off the proton.
[PS] in russian

Polonski A. INR, Moscow

Pronkina N. SINP MSU, Moscow

Rachek I.A. BINP, Novosibirsk I.A.Rachek, L.M.Barkov, V.F.Dmitriev, I.V.Karnakov, B.A.Lazarenko, S.I.Mishnev, A.V.Osipov, R.Sh.Sadykov, V.N.Stibunov,Yu.V.Shestakov, D.K.Toporkov, S.A.Zevakov.
Photoreactions with tensor-polarized deuterium target at VEPP-3.

Rogozhin S. SINP MSU, Moscow Poster report:
Silicon Vertex Tracker for the TJNAF Hall B Upgrade.

Schuck P. Institut de Physique Nucleaire, Orsay Alpha-Particle Condensation in Nuclear Systems.

Sadovsky S. IHEP, Protvino Study of Electromagnetic Interactions of Light Ions in the Framework of the IHEP Ion Program at U70.

Schaerf Carlo Università di Roma "Tor Vergata" Meson Photoproduction at Graal.

Sharov D.A. SINP MSU Dynamics of Ξ hyperon production on the nucleons.

Sergio Anefalos Pereira Instituto Nazionali di Fisica Nucleare Measurement of the γ n → K+ Σ- at Jefferson Lab

Simon H. GSI, Darmstadt News on the Electron Ion Scattering Experiment at FAIR (ELISe).

Solodukhov G. INR, Moscow

Stepanov A.V. INR, Moscow

Stibunov V.N. NPI, Tomsk Study of the π-meson Photoproduction on the Tensor Polarized Deuteron.

Ströher H. INP, Jülich Inverse Dirproton Photodisintegration.

Thomas A. KPH, Mainz

Travinsky V.I. SINP MSU, Moscow

Tulupov B.A. INR, Moscow B.A.Tulupov, M.H.Urin.
The Semimicroscopic Description of the Simplest Photonuclear Reactions with Giant Dipole Resonance Excitation.

Turinge A.A. INR, Moscow Poster report:
A.Turinge for the GRAAL collaboration.
Total photoabsorption on the light nuclei at 600 - 1500 MeV.

Urin M.H. MEPhI, Moscow Particle-Hole Optical Model for Strength Functions of High-Energy Giant Resonances.

Varlamov V.V. SINP MSU, Moscow V.A. Chetvertkova, B.S. Ishkhanov, V.N. Orlin, V.V. Varlamov
Experimental-Theoretical Evaluation of Partial Photoneutron Reactions σ(γ,n) and σ(γ,2n) Cross Sections for Sn Isotopes.

Voitenkov D. IPPE, Obninsk

Weygand D.P. JLAB D.P.Weygand.
Medium Modification of Vector Mesons.

Wood M. Canisius College, Buffalo M.H.Wood, R.Nasseripour, C.Djalali, and D.P.Weygand.
The In-medium Widths of the ω and φ Mesons in Nuclei.

Zarubin P. JINR, Dubna Physics Potential of Peripheral Interactions of Relativistic Nuclei.

Zarubina I. JINR, Dubna

Zhaksybekova K. KNU, Almaty Burkova N.A., Zhaksybekova K.A., Zusupov M.A.
Spectroscopy of Light Nuclei in One-Nucleon Channels.

Information for the authors:
For fastest publication of Seminar materials we ask the authors to send the reports in ELECTRONIC FORM (in Microsoft Word, *.PS or *.PDF format) to the Organizing Committee before the beginning of the Seminar.

A MAXIMUM SIZE of the plenary report is 10 pages (including figures, tables, references etc.) of A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm), for poster report - 3 pages.

A PLACE FOR POSTER REPORT in the time of poster-session is 100 cm x 100 cm.

The MARGINS: top and bottom - 25 mm, left - 30 mm, right - 15 mm.

Single line SPACING, preferably New Roman FONT, 12 pt.

The REPORT TITLE should be printed in capitals, the authors' names should be written in a separate line.

The SPEAKER'S NAME is to be underlined. In a separate line the institution name and address are to be specified in lower-case italics, including the city and country they represent.

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